To me.

To me:

If you want to be happy, play with your kids. Spend time with them. Watch their faces while they play, do things that make them laugh.

Serve them. Make things about them, not you. When you feel like you need to get out, get out and do something fun with and for them. Go to a store and just play around in the toy section. Go throw rocks in the river. Go to the park and play with them on the playground. Take them places they will like. I will like it too because they will be happy and their happiness makes me happy.

Read them books. I love reading them books.

Learn something new with them. Look stuff up online. Find out why cheetahs run so fast. Stuff like that.

Cook with them. Don’t worry about the results. Just enjoy the process.

Play with stuffed animals with them.

Just enjoy them. They’re awesome. If you want to be happy, do this stuff. Trust me. It works, every time.




Kiddos are so funny!

My kids are currently playing a game where baby Jesus is rising from a pumpkin patch but everybody thinks it’s the Great Pumpkin. Lol! I love kids so much. They make life so fun and light and just help you keep everything in perspective, you know? They’re refreshing. I love how honest and open they are. You can see exactly what they’re feeling in every movement of their little bodies. When they’re sad, their whole body is sad. When they’re happy, their little bodies can’t hold still! They just burst with happiness and every finger, toe, heck, every hair on their head is happy! Sometimes I wish I could be more like that! I mean, I’m a happy person but kids, they know how to do happy. 🙂 That’s why it’s so important to treat little ones with kindness, and to love them with your whole being. They’re so tender, so good. They deserve the best we can offer them. glow_of_the_pixie_by_riafineart 20 x 16

Digital Art

Sometimes I enjoy making digital art. The way I like to do it is I make a painting or drawing with traditional things, like pencils and paint on wood or canvas or paper, and then I digitally add to it. I do things that I couldn’t do with traditional mediums. I add sparkles or glows or other cool effects that I like. I have fun with it. This piece was done that way. It was first done with pencil and acrylic paint on wood and then I digitally added to it until I liked it better. Here’s my little flower fairy! flower_fairy_digitized

Hello again, world!

I haven’t blogged in forever!!!! That’s because I’m technologically inept and I lost my password somehow and couldn’t figure out how to reset it until just now. Nice. Oh well. I have made a lot of art while I was away! That’s what I like to do anyway so who cares that I couldn’t blog. Lol! So I’m gonna post art now. Here’s a piece that I really like! I’m putting this one into the Sanpete County fair. It will be on display next week along with 3 other pieces of mine. All of the ones I put in are acrylic paintings. This one is called, Spirit of the Ancestors. Spirit of the Ancestors

We’re playing with clay!

The girls and I decided to try our hands at clay. I’ve never really done much with clay but I have to say, I had a lot of fun! I think we all did. Here are a few pictures of our beautiful masterpieces. 🙂

Children’s Nativity

Children_NativityThis is a drawing of my little girls. It wasn’t easy to get them to sit still long enough to snap the photo! The little dog curled up next to Ittle “Mary” is Eddie. He’s my brother and sister in law’s dog. We were dog sitting that day and he just went over and snuggled up next to Ittle. I figured, well it’s a nativity. We need animals anyway, right? 🙂  I just want everyone to know how much I love my little darlings and how much I love my Savior. Merry Christmas everyone!

And so we Dance~ the drawing and the poem


I dance with the trees in the gusty wind
I dance with the sage in the mountain valleys
I dance with the flowers in the grassy meadows
I dance with birds on the morning breeze.

I dance because life is in my bones
I dance because love is everywhere
I dance because laughter fills my soul
I dance because innocence calls to me.

I dance with the grass that tickles my legs
I dance with the river that gives me life
I dance with the clouds swirling above
I dance with the mountains that call me home.

Buy this drawing here.