Month: January 2018

To me.

To me:

If you want to be happy, play with your kids. Spend time with them. Watch their faces while they play, do things that make them laugh.

Serve them. Make things about them, not you. When you feel like you need to get out, get out and do something fun with and for them. Go to a store and just play around in the toy section. Go throw rocks in the river. Go to the park and play with them on the playground. Take them places they will like. I will like it too because they will be happy and their happiness makes me happy.

Read them books. I love reading them books.

Learn something new with them. Look stuff up online. Find out why cheetahs run so fast. Stuff like that.

Cook with them. Don’t worry about the results. Just enjoy the process.

Play with stuffed animals with them.

Just enjoy them. They’re awesome. If you want to be happy, do this stuff. Trust me. It works, every time.