Month: October 2017

Kiddos are so funny!

My kids are currently playing a game where baby Jesus is rising from a pumpkin patch but everybody thinks it’s the Great Pumpkin. Lol! I love kids so much. They make life so fun and light and just help you keep everything in perspective, you know? They’re refreshing. I love how honest and open they are. You can see exactly what they’re feeling in every movement of their little bodies. When they’re sad, their whole body is sad. When they’re happy, their little bodies can’t hold still! They just burst with happiness and every finger, toe, heck, every hair on their head is happy! Sometimes I wish I could be more like that! I mean, I’m a happy person but kids, they know how to do happy. 🙂 That’s why it’s so important to treat little ones with kindness, and to love them with your whole being. They’re so tender, so good. They deserve the best we can offer them. glow_of_the_pixie_by_riafineart 20 x 16